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Up to 70% of leads are marked lost IN THE First 30 days of follow-up. ARE YOU OK WITH THAT?



What can we fix for you? 

Our team of CRM Strategists streamline and optimize your CRM, making it easier for your Sales Agents to convert more leads into sales.

CRM Enhancement

Bringing your CRM up to speed on current selling practices

smart templates

CRM Email technology for increased client engagement

Virtual Training

A unique approach that integrates basic CRM training with our optimized processes


Making it easier for your organization to interpret actionable data inside your CRM

Inspecting what you expect!

We know your CRM is essential to your business. That’s why we’re here to help make it work for you and your sales teams. The core of our business is to provide you with the knowledge, training, support, and reporting so your sales teams can win with the CRM.

Our CRM Strategists have a proven track record of increasing client engagement by reducing manual work and improving productivity. We help you manage your CRM data more effectively, allowing you to focus on what matters most: converting leads to sales!


Growing list of satisfied customers!


Hear what dealers are saying about DealerMedics

Couldn’t recommend them enough!!!!

DealerMedics have really helped us utilize our CRM so much better than how we were using it before. They have helped us build new widgets, installed some amazing new processes for us and the team is so helpful and is so quick to respond when you have any questions. Really couldn’t recommend them enough!!!!

Lois Mackay

Assistant General Manager, South Saskatoon Hyundai

DealerMedics are the insurance policy for your CRM!

DealerMedics does a tremendous job of maximizing the features and data available in DealerSocket to make it one of the best CRMs available. With the improvements and tools they provide, they create a perfect and efficient process for all aspects of the CRM.

Aidan Hebert

Sales Manager, Saskatoon Volkswagen

They know what they’re doing!

DealerMedics helped us get the most out of our CRM through training and instilling some processes in how we use our CRM. Our CRM has never been so clean and organized and it will continue to be this way with all the great new features that Rico has shown us.

Dan Klassen

General Sales Manager, FFUN Motorsports