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President & founder

Rico Olinger

Rico started his Automotive career in 2006, selling Pre-Owned vehicles in Calgary, Canada. Since then, he also saw action in New Vehicle Sales, Lease Manager, Internet Sales Manager, Sales Manager, and Digital Operations Manager for a 21-store group of dealerships in Canada. 

In addition to his impressive sales career, Rico is an expert CRM architect and strategist with a proven track record using DealerSocket. His outside-of-the-box thinking got him invited as the only Canadian to join the DealerSocket Consultant Network (DCN), a highly vetted group of CRM experts that consult with dealers on strategies that bridge their unique selling philosophies to car deals. In 2016 Rico joined the conference circuit, filling rooms to capacity with ways to win inside the CRM. 

Rico is originally from Brazil but has called Canada “home” for over 30 years. He holds a World Title with Team Canada in Culinary Arts, and has been known to put a nice meal together from time to time! When there’s downtime, Rico is an avid sports fisherman preferring the Pacific to the Atlantic; he plays tennis and volleyball to stay active and enjoys time with his two sons and the love of his life!

CTO and Co-founder

Davide Piva

Davide Piva is the CTO and co-founder of DealerMedics. He began working for DealerMedics in October 2021 and has been responsible for DealerMedics Engineering, IT, Security, and Data Analytics ever since.

He is a results-driven professional with ten years of combined experience in the automotive, web, marketing, and data industries. His focus areas include the company’s continued transformation for product development and processes.

In addition to his work at DealerMedics, he is an independent tech reviewer who has a passion for computer hardware outside of DealerMedics.


Erin Hall

Erin Hall is the Client Support Manager at DealerMedics, and she joined us in 2021. With over ten years of experience in the Automotive industry, she is well-versed in Customer Service, Digital Marketing, BDC and CRM Administration, and Technical Support.

In her role, Erin is responsible for ensuring that clients have the tools, knowledge, and support they need to be successful with DealerMedics.

Erin and her team work tirelessly to make our clients experience little or no downtime dealing with their CRM headaches. Ninety percent of all support tickets are closed within the hour, and we handle all ticket escalations on your behalf with the CRM provider.

Erin is a key figure in our organization, but when she isn’t hard at work, she can be found creating masterpieces out of yarn, fabric, or paint.

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