Smart templated emails


Imagine sending an email to your customer using your CRM and that email being read! It can happen to you too!

EMAIL Technology

Rebuilding Your Email Strategy

Compared to standard out-of-the-box CRM email templates, our SMART Templates are delivered to, opened by, and engaged with by more customers, all thanks to our proprietary email algorithm.

With SMART Email technology, DealerMedics is the first choice among dealerships looking to improve their online marketing efforts. We have built a reputation for providing outstanding templates and automations that are professional and easy to use. 

SMART Email technology provides a more satisfying online shopping experience for your customers. Knowing that each message is curated, grammatically accurate, and aligned with your dealership values will also give you peace of mind that your sales teams are representing your brand to the fullest.

Making Your Emails Stand Out

DealerMedics offers completely customizable and mobile-responsive email templates that are perfect for your CRM follow-up strategy. We designed it so that you have the freedom to create the look and feel that best fits your brand while leveraging DealerMedics SMART Email technology.


DealerMedics SMART email template technology offers the perfect combination of product, sales, and marketing expertise to ensure that your email campaign gets the results you want. We’ll work with you to develop a strategy, create the design elements and build the templates in such a way that it optimizes engagement, maximizes response rates, and increase your contact rates. Something that still holds true in Automotive today is “the more people you talk to, the more people you’ll sell.” Our SMART Email templates complement all other contact methods for complete and effective follow-up coverage.


SMART Elements

CRM Snippets

The ability to personalize each email with customer and vehicle information.



When it comes to your dealership, branding is a huge part of your identity and how customers respond. Smart Email Templates are the easiest way to create eye-catching, professional-looking emails compliant with your images, colors, and font preferences.  

Email Signature

Your signature is your first impression to a client. Our technology pulls information directly from your CRM to create professional and accurate email signatures for all CRM users. 


Google Analytics UTM Tags

Tracking the performance of each visited link to show your customers are interacting with each email, something your Marketing department always appreciates. 


Each contact phone number listed is automatically converted to click-to-call links that enable customers to reach out to your dealership directly from their email browser and get in touch with their staff that much quicker.


Similar to phone links, our technology converts address and map direction buttons to enable customers to find your location without having to Google for the information. 

Email is Not Dead

Your customers expect well-written, accurate emails. Don’t let them down. We make it easy to create professional, customized emails in minutes. Let us help you impress your customers with our Smart Template™ emails! 

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