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Teaching your sales teams to maximize the opportunities inside your CRM

Action Based Results

Training For Success

Every process enhancement we create and deploy for your dealership is covered in detail in your dedicated Learning Center. Our cloud-based LMS platform consists of courses explicitly curated for your business. Our course lineup is designed by experienced Sales Trainers who have spent years working in the automotive industry and are experts on CRM. 

A customized CRM training program for your dealership is a significant investment to help your sales teams generate more leads and close more deals. Our unique approach to enhancing your CRM is covered in detail in our training courses, so your sales teams understand the importance of using the CRM like it’s meant to.  

Staff Turnover

Staff onboarding is a tenuous process for any business, and when you add CRM training to the mix, it only adds to the frustration. By taking the CRM training burden off your Manager’s plate and teaching a uniform approach to operating inside the software, DealerMedics will help you take full advantage of your CRM’s core features and add efficiency to your business. 


keeping everyone honest

Full Transparency

Training is at the core of everything that we do! Our anti-skipping protocols make it nearly impossible for someone to cheat on their progress. We need to ensure everyone is operating the same way inside your CRM for optimal performance and reporting. We take this stuff seriously!

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